The 2nd International Modernization Forum Modernization and Diversity
 China Center For Modernization Research, CAS
The 2nd International Modernization Forum:

“Modernization and Diversity”
May 20-22, 2016 Beijing, China


Welcome to the 2nd International Modernization Forum (IMF 2016).

It will be held at China Hall of Science & Technology in Beijing, capital of China, from May 20 to 22, 2016. The China Center for Modernization Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Law & Development Academy, Peking University; Theory and Modernization Magazine, and the International Social Science Council, UNESCO, are the co-sponsors of the IMF2016.

Modernization has been a worldwide phenomenon and global trend since 18th century. It includes the frontier changes and international competition of modern civilization and nations. It changed our lives in many aspects including political, economic, social, cultural life and environment changes. Almost all nations in the world are undergoing some kind of modernization consciously or unconsciously at the moment, and the modernization drive can also be set as a national goal if they will. Modernization science seeks to promote people’s understanding of modernization process through interdisciplinary and international comparative studies.

The first IMF themed “Modernization and Global Change” held in Beijing in 2013 (, and more than 90 scholars from 14 countries attended the forum. Over 80 papers were submitted to the forum and the proceedings were published as Global Modernization Review (English) and Global Modernization Report (Chinese). The first IFM issued Modernization Announcement and which is a milestone on the modernization study in the world. The CFMR is an annual meeting of Chinese scholars engaged in modernization research, and has been held 13 times since 2003. The IMF and CFMR will be committed to promoting the research on modernization theories and strategies, international exchanges and cooperation on modernization research, and the development of the modernization science.

IMF 2016 will take “Modernization and Diversity” as the theme, and focus on five topics including “multiple modernities and cultural diversity”, “driving forces & paths of modernization”, “social modernization and human development”, “ecological modernization and green development”, and “regional modernization and poverty eradication”. The topic “ecological modernization and green development” will also be the theme of the 14th CFMR. The proceedings of IMF will be published as Global Modernization Review (English) and Global Modernization Report (Chinese).
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2.Topic categories

    Theme 1: Multiple modernities and cultural diversity
        Theme 2: Driving forces & paths of modernization
        Theme 3: Social modernization and human development
        Theme 4: Ecological modernization and green development
        Theme 5: Regional modernization, reduction of poverty and inequalities

3.Working language


4.Important dates

    Deadline for abstract submission: January 30, 2016
        Deadline for full paper submission: March 30, 2016
        Deadline for pre-registration: March 30, 2016
        On-site registration: May 20
        Time of meeting: May 20 to 22

5.What's new

       Flyer of IMF 2016 (PDF)
       First Announcement & Call (PDF), July 2015
       Sample Abstract (MS-Word Format)
       Full paper (MS-Word Format)
       Registration Form (MS-Word Format)
       Travel scholarships (MS-Word Format)
       Second Announcement, February 28, 2016
       Final announcement, April 30, 2016
       Program at a glance
       Final program
       Introduction to CCMR (PDF)
        Key Dates of 2nd International Modernization Forum

6.Official invitation

If official invitation letter is needed for visa application, please contact Dr. Qing Ye at as soon as possible.

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Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)


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